Tugboat Captain

” I don’t wanna stay at your party

I don’t wanna talk with your friends

I don’t wanna vote for your president

I just wanna be your tugboat captain “


Why it’s so complicated?  What bothers you? I didn’t get it.

You woke up at 6 AM in the morning. Looked outside from your tiny, dusty window. You realized even the crows are sleeping on the tree. Then heard the buzzing sound from your coffee machine. You’ve to go but decided to spend 5 more minutes with your underwear when you’re drinking your coffee. 10 minutes remaining for your bus arrive. Light a cigarette. Listen to your boss, spend your whole day. Come home with suicidal thoughts. Fell asleep on the couch while watching a stupid series or tv shows. Repeat!

Escape the trivialities of the social world, reconnect with life and nature. Tugboat captain as someone who carters the vast, open waters. But then again tugboat captains has a specific destination they are heading to. So a tugboat captain is not entirely a recluse but maintains just enough of a linked society to know why he no longer wants to be there. Let go of the modern world and return to a more natural, simple way of life.


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